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The monthly gift we have on offer is the Lytro camera. This compact device comes in a range of colours and allows the user to re-focus photos after they've been taken.
400 points
This month's featured subscription is for The Economist, a publication that covers current affairs, business news and analysis across the globe. The subscription includes 12 print and digital issues and full access to the website.
80 points
You have to hold iPad Air to believe it. Itís just 7.5 millimetres thin and weighs less than half a kilo. The stunning Retina display sits inside thinner bezels, so all you see is your content. And an incredible amount of power lies inside the sleek enclosure. So you can do so much more. With so much less.
650 points
Write your own guide book! Each notebook features maps and tabbed sections to list your favourite findsóhotels, shops, clubs, bars, park benches. A further 76 blank pages let you jot down thoughts, stories and memories.
20 points
Need more choice than we can offer? Then redeem your points for a USD 50 gift certificate and you can choose from the world's largest retailer.
50 points
Itís the small iPod with one very big idea: video, letting you enjoy movies, TV shows, and more, in addition to your favourite tunes. Now with smooth curves and an accelerometer!
200 points
Amazon's Wi-Fi Kindle packs one month's battery life into a 6 ounce package capable of holding 1,400 books. Say goodbye to lugging around heavy hardbacks!
120 points
Along with up to 15 hours of battery life, iPod shuffle gives you 2GB of storage capacity, good for hundreds of songs.
70 points
The iconic medium format plastic fantastic wonder that has inspired countless Lomographers to embrace the beauty of saturated colors, crazy focus, dreamlike perspectives, and sexy square prints.
65 points
Share good times with friends over FaceTime. Shoot scenes in HD. Or play games on the highest-resolution iPod screen ever. In fact, iPod touch has so much technology, youíll forget itís an iPod.
300 points
The premise behind Dan Roam's book is simple: anybody with a pen and a scrap of paper can use visual thinking to work through complex business ideas.
25 points
Steven Johnson's The Innovatorís Cookbook is a collection of essays, interviews, and insights discussing 'The Essentials For Inventing What Is Next'.
20 points
Feeling philanthropic? Donate USD 100 to a charity of your choice. You can pick from Red Cross, Greenpeace, WWF, Amnesty International or Medicins Sans Frontiers. Other suggestions are welcome, of course.
100 points
A Kiva Card lets you make a USD 25 loan to one of thousands of micro businesses across the world. You can browse profiles and pick an entrepreneur you'd like to help.
25 points